About us

The Big Dreams by Denilson Cerqueira   was launched in 2017 in England.


We have long professional international experience and our profile can be described like always ready to give you the best and greatest ideas, quality service, maximum help, dedication and love to what we do ,with excellent finale result and maximum satisfaction.


We have sound knowledge about organizing weddings and all kind of events.


We combine everything we know in one useful, satisfied and successful product.

The Big Dreams by Denilson Cerqueira have been privileged to familiarize with the Brazilian, English, Angolan, Jewish and Indian style of life and expectation to deliver to you everything you want and need.


The Big Dreams by DenilsonCerqueira is your personal decorator ,wedding and event planner, ready to help you in every aspect of your Dream day.

 We are based in London and ready to make your dream come true.


Remember you are our top priority!


Attend with excellence the needs and requirements of our customers, delivering products and services of the highest quality, preserving unique and personalized service with sophistication and originality.


Our aim is to make you happy through great services and beautiful designs. We are always attentive to the changes of the market and we strive to innovate and meet the preferences of our consumers,  thus offering the best service and the best products and services that can meet all the needs and expectations

Unique and customised for each client, as well as their own DNA


Working with pleasure and emotion, aiming to meet with excellence, thus, transforming the dream of each client and friend into reality. Mindful of employee motivation and consumer satisfaction.


We seek excellence in our services, aiming the recognition of our customers.


We aim to be a reference specialist company for parties and events. Being recognized as the best option for our customers, friends, suppliers, employees and communities, due to the quality of our products, services and exclusive relationship.


Transparency and honesty are our basis for building good relationships with everyone involved.


Clarity, honesty, Integrity, commitment, innovation, continuous improvement, human appreciation and improvement of results.

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