Denilson Cerqueira

Denilson Cerqueira , began his career working in a travel agency highly regarded in Sao Paulo , Brazil , which is geared towards national and international dental conferences ( corporate events ).


In the same period Denilson was involved in organising small wedding parties for friends and family members.


His big dream was one day to organise a major events. It all started when he was offered to settle in London in 2005 , where he had the great opportunity to continue working on his dream.

Denilson worked as a temporary agency worker , where he was offered the opportunity to get involved in the wedding planning industry , whilst having the opportunity to meet several companies specialising in large social and corporate event .


Denilson had the chance to attended events in the House of Parliament, where he had the rare opportunity to meet several Ministers and prolific MP’s.


He also worked on events for " The Guardian " involved in event organising.


Denilson organized wedding parties for various nationalities, among them: Brazilian Jews , Angolans , Nigerians , Indians , Spaniards etc .


Denilson was primarily involved with "Destination Weddings " , which organises international marage events for mixed couple living abroad, which consists inorganising weddings in luxury exclusive places in Europe , particularly the UK , France , Italy and Switzerland. 

The Small Details

"Your Dream,Your Style, Your DNA, Your Day

We Will Make It Happen.

Denilson is very attentive to the smallest detail. His decorations are aiming to incorporate his clients ideas and turn them into reality.

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