There's one day you can be excused for blowing your own trumpet and that's your wedding day, right? Make your guests sit back and know they're at something special.


Wedding venue styling, dressing and designer

Your wedding is such a special day, everything needs to be just right, and that includes the table settings and the decoration of your venue. You may want a themed event, or a particular colour scheme. You may have a special vision or dream in mind. Or you may be looking for ideas and inspiration. Don’t worry – wherever you are in the process, and whatever you wish to achieve, we can help.

Wedding venues created across London

We will help you design the look and feel of the venue with initial consultations, talking you through the options and ensuring your venue matches the overall theme of your wedding. We’ll be there on the day, bright and early to get everything set up and ready in plenty of time, so you’ll have nothing to worry about. We know how important this day is to you, and we pride ourselves on our reliability.

We also pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value. Our prices are highly competitive, and you’ll find getting us to provide a complete package is not only easy than sourcing different elements from various sources, it works out more cheaper as well. This is because we can turn up and do everything in one go, saving time and money.

Ultimately, we also provide design experience and artistic flair to help you create a venue which meets your dreams and looks truly amazing. We take care of everything so you can relax and leave the transformation and decoration of your venue to the experts.

Birthday and Events 

Any reason to throw a party is a good reason! Whatever the occasion, we help you create the perfect party so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party too.

Venue styling and decoration for events across London

If you're planning a special event, you'll know how important it is to create an inspiring venue. Whether it's for a birthday, a baby shower or an engagement party, your setting and table decorations are all part of making everyone there feel special.

We're here to help you transform your venue into a dream setting. We take care of everything from table dressing and chair covers to decorations and flowers, lighting and even chocolate fountains.

We're passionate about creating venues that are beautiful, exciting and exhilarating. Don't forget, the setting of your venue reflects your personality and will make a huge impression on all your guests. It pays to get it right, and to think about every little detail well in advance of the big day. But don't worry, we'll organise all that for you. We'll make sure all the little things are taken care of, along with the big picture of the theme and the design.

We also pride ourselves on adding little touches, often inspired on the day once we are there in the venue itself – little things that make a huge difference to the look and feel, and which are our gift to you on your big day.

We can provide venue transformation services for every kind of event, large and small, including:


  • Church Dressing

  • Weddings

  • Corporate Events

  • Birthday Parties

  • Kids Birthday Parties

  • Baby Showers

  • Bridal Showers

  • Anniversaries

  • Engagement Parties

To find out more about our prices and services, please get in touch. Initial consultations are completely free.


We understand that creating the right event atmosphere has a positive and lasting impact on your brand. Let us help you make sure you're doing your company proud.

Corporate event venue stylig

Whether you’re planning a Christmas party for your staff, an event for your shareholders, or a conference for key clients and suppliers, we can help you transform the venue.

We know how important it is to our business clients to get the lighting right at such events, and we can discuss in advance all the options to make sure you achieve exactly the right effect. We also provide backdrops and table settings, chair covers and centre pieces as you require.

You may be looking to create a themed event – such as the 1920s party arranged by one of our clients. If so, we’re able to source and supply a full range of props and decorations from specialist suppliers across London and the South East.

Transforming corporate events venues across London

The Big Dreams has created venues for corporate events for companies large and small across London – with clients ranging from Best Western Palm Hotel to Australian House and Saint Martins Lane hotel.,Porchester Hall

We understand that business clients expect good value, impeccable reliability, and great service. We’re here to take care of everything for you, to make organising your event that much easier and far less time-consuming. Leave the venue decoration to the experts, so you can get on with creating the content of your event.

Kids Parties

Isn't it just the best thing ever for any child. Counting down the sleeps till the big day. It's my birthday party!!! It's our big pleasure to create a memorable party ...

At The Big Dreams by Denilson Cerqueira, we simply love being part of these big events in your children's lives. We are passionate about creating breath taking party setups for children's birthday parties


Our attention to the fine detail is often commented about and remains our ultimate priority


The Big Dreams by Denilson Cerqueira,was establish in 2017 when a need for reasonably price children party decor and accessories was identified. We are one of the biggest kid's party company in London, enabling us to bring lasting memories to all the children of our great nation.


The Big Dreams by Denilson Cerqueira, can assist all your requirements for a kids birthday party. We offer decor Themed Decor items, cakes, photographers, videographers, face painter,catering, party packs and accessories to accompany any theme and etc.


We can also assist with arranging of suitable Entertainment to keep the little ones occupied for the duration of the party. Enjoy browsing our website, come and find your party dream at the end of our The Big Dreams.


The Big Dreams by Denilson Cerqueira, are a dynamic fixed site event and catering company based in London. Our fabulous food and exceptional service creates amazing client and guest experience for our clients.

Whether you are entertaining clients, planning a dinner, or a dream wedding at one of our event locations, we guarantee it will be occasion to remember.

We never compromise and demand the highest standards from our chefs, waiting staff and handpicked local suppliers. Established in 2016, and now owned by Denilson Cerqueira, and with our Head Chef Alessandra Spagnoli

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